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Helpful Information on Lawn Care

Having the correct mowing height is important to allow a greener appearance of your lawn. For flat lawns, Bermuda grass should be mowed at a height of no less than 2 inches. For a fescue lawn - 3-inch and for a tiff lawn - 0.75-inch to 1.25-inch is recommended.

Useful Lawn Mowing Information

  • Alternate mulching and bagging weekly
  • Avoid mowing while turf is wet and never mow after an application
  • Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade to prevent browning
  • Raise mower accordingly on hills and dips to prevent scalping
  • Sharpen mower blades once a year
  • Weekly mowing is recommended
 Lawn Mowing

Beneficial Scalping, Watering and Maintenance

Specific to our region, scalping should be done in March to avoid weeds reaching the soil to germinate. Leave plenty of growth to protect your lawn as freezing temperatures will set back new growth. Watering your lawn all year round is needed to keep it thriving. During the spring season, water 1-2" per week, summer 2-3", and fall at least 1".

Watering in the morning is the best to prevent daytime evaporation. Check your sprinkler system for proper operation and coverage. Remove all debris and leaves in the fall to prevent thinning. Core aeration helps with compacted soil, thatch, and brown spots.
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